Sep 30th 2016



It’s no secret—coconut oil is good for you.

For centuries, people have enjoyed the many wonders of coconuts, using it for nutrition and medicine. But the coconut lovers of today are even luckier, living in a time when ancient beauty secrets can meet the wonders of modern technology. I remember being in the tropics and seeing old ladies grate fresh coconuts and ferment it until the oil comes out. I loved the smell back then, it actually made me hungry. Little did I know I was watching the making of a miracle oil that will change the personal care and beauty industry forever. 

Dubbed “the healthiest oil on earth,” coconut oil has a seemingly endless list of health benefits. People have used it for almost everything including boosting the immune system, keeping heart disease at bay, improving digestion and increasing metabolism. They cook with it, eat it, use it around their homes and even on their pets.

When it comes to beauty—don’t be surprised—coconut oil may just be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. It’s a versatile product, making the leap from nature and into your beauty kit.


Think of coconut oil as your multipurpose moisturizer. Coconut oil works fabulously as a lotion and moisturizer, keeping skin supple and smooth. With its power to quench dry skin, it is effective for use from your head to your toes.

Why is it so effective? It is because coconut oil specifically is made of medium chain fatty acids that are smaller vs. other mineral oils. It can penetrate the skin more easily. Not to mention that the antioxidants and nutrients contained in virgin coconut oil can work on your skin where it matters most which is deeper in the tissue. 

Try coconut oil as a hair conditioner. Oh yes, it has the power to bring moisture to your dry and brittle strands and bring life back to your hair the natural way.

Use it as a leave-on hair treatment to tame frizz and keep your hair smooth and shiny. It works by penetrating the hair shaft and also by coating hair strands leaving it soft, smooth and supple. Daily light use is recommended.

It’s also effective as a cuticle conditioner. Say goodbye to painful, peeling hangnails by using coconut oil on the base of your nails. Massage it into your cuticles regularly.

And our favorite treat? Using coconut oil for a relaxing massage. Not only does it moisturize your skin, the smell of coconut oil will transport you to your favorite tropical island. It’s like a vacation in a bottle.


Make coconut oil your partner in keeping that youthful glow.

Coconut oil is said to improve collagen production, making it effective in minimizing wrinkles in fine lines.

Before you sleep, use coconut oil products as your night cream, letting it work its magic as you doze off. Pat it onto your skin to help get rid of spots that are the result of too much sun exposure.


You’ll be surprised at the number of ways you can use virgin coconut oil as a an "multi purpose" product

Mix your coconut oil shower gel with sugar to create a body scrub that’s effective. The result is a yummy smelling exfoliator.

Virgin Coconut oil based products is also an effective shaving cream substitute. Trust us. Your razor will glide over your skin, leaving you smooth and free of nasty red bumps.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. No wonder the popularity of coconut oil just keeps growing. We can’t blame people for being nuts about it, calling it a miracle product and a cure-all.

These days, reaping the benefits of coconut oil is even easier with the multitude of coconut oil-based products that have been developed for all your beauty needs, from head to toe. 

No need to deal with hardened coconut oil—there are body lotions, body butter, body scrubs, shower gels, hand creams, foot creams, shampoo, conditioner, hair detanglers, lip balms, sunscreen and more. Some of these products even have the added benefits of other essential oils and ingredients, giving you and your body easy access to healing, hydration and rejuvenation. 

But remember to always look for Virgin unrefined coconut oil based products to get the maximum effect. This is the ancient wonder oil on steroids!